June 26, 2013

Never Mind The Knockoffs: Punk Onesies


Punk onesies are a priority in my life. Not such a priority that I tried to resurrect the amazing Orange County punk concert flyer onesie business that used to be at Punker Dunker, a Southern California T-shirt company I wrote about when I first entered the onesie market in 2004. But still.

When I saw the sprawling collection of legit band onesies rounded up by Rockabilia the other day, it was the punk onesies that caught my attention. And yes, I know thatSonic Youth is not technically punk, and a romper is not technically a onesie.


And that the best Sonic Youth piece there, the White Goo album cover by Raymond Pettibone, is only available as a youth t-shirt.


But Pettibone's Black Flag bars logo onesies come in no less than three different colors.


And most amazingly, the Sex Pistols, which would seem to havePublic Enemy-levels of onesie inappropriateness, not only offer a Never Mind The Bollocks onesie, with Jamie.


They offer a Pretty Vacant onesie that replaces the buses from the band's single promo poster, with strollers. That's right, the Sex Pistols are designing original merchandise for newborn infants. This is not something the thrashing teenager I once was could have ever imagined.

Check out the Rockabilia band logo onesies at Amazon, where they're like $22 [amazon]
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