June 26, 2013

Brinca Dada 2 For 1 Doll McMansions


My mother-in-law is retiring to the desert, and she's not taking the Brinca Dada dollhouse. So we just inherited it in all its Neutra-inspired, fully furnished, modernist glory. And damn, is it big, definitely suburban size, and it weighs a ton. Until we figure out where it'll live, it's currently sprawling across our living room floor.

Actually, if you split it in two, it becomes its own contemporary subdivision, Brinca Dada Estates. [And like spec housing, that stone turns out to be veneer, paper- or decal-wrapped MDF or something. I mean, I can't imagine what else they'd even use, and it has held up fine for a year-plus at Grandma's, but it still feels a little off.]

Push the two halves closer together, and they create a pleasantly dense rowhouse situation. Which is perfect for two kids to play Dwell Urban Infill Development with.

Brinca Dada Edward House, $349, is back-ordered, but there are three new models [brincadada.com]

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