June 13, 2013

Made By Dad, By Scott Bedford, A Book Of Kid-Related Projects, Some Involving A Blowtorch


Non-minimalist illustrator and maker Scott Bedford has been blogging up all kinds of interesting kid-related projects at WhatIMade.com. And now he's got a book. Made By Dad is a bunch of toys, furniture, gifts, and whatevers you can make for or with your kid.


Like this fine pencil cup made from dried out, blowtorched markers. Not that you need a kid to derive crafty pleasure from taking a blowtorch to a stack of old markers, but it is certainly enhanced.. Markers are a total scourge around our house, almost never worth the mess they make on faces, fingers, clothes, and tablecloths. I say burn'em all and let the kid use crayons.

Buy Made by Dad: 67 Blueprints for Making Cool Stuff by Scott Bedford for like $14 at Amazon [amazon]
What I Made [whatimade.com via boingboing]

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