June 3, 2013

Sneakerhead Alphabet Warps Fragile Little Minds


A is not for Alden, or even Adidas?
B is not for Bean Boots?
C is not for Chuck Taylors?
D is not for Doc Martens?
G is not for Gucci Loafers?
J is not for Jack Rogers?
L is not for Lobb OR LL Bean?
S is not for Saltwaters OR Sperry, and T is not for Topsiders?
W is not for Weston?

Good grief, the Illustrated Alphabet of Shoes commissioned from Shea Serrano by the trendchasing styleblog Four Pins is just one misguided disappointment after another, and should be kept far away from impressionable children at all costs.

The Illustrated Alphabet of Footwear [four-pins via dt street style correspondent rolf]

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