May 29, 2013

Tesla Holds Many Small Children

After the warm feeling in your heart that comes from thinking you're personally saving the planet, the most undersung feature about the Tesla S, aka the Palo Alto Camry, has been the jump seat, which is supposed to boost the four-door's seating capacity for seven.

Except as this shamelessly adorable moppetsploitation video shows, you can fit an entire kindergarten class. If you disregard seat belts and stick some kids in the frunk. [Which, seriously, such a dealbreaking term. In England will they call it a froot?]

From the Tesla forum comes this comment, "But some cities now have 30 kids in a class. Can someone try that!??!!" To which I'll only say, if you're not using the first third of your Tesla money each year to get your kindergartener's student-to-teacher ratio into the single digits, you really need to re-examine your priorities.

Can An Entire Kindergarten Class Fit In A Model S? [teslamotors forum via autoblog, thanks dt reader seth]

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