May 26, 2013

Donky The Kid-Size Donkervoort


This was the first lot at Bonhams' Spa Classic Sale of vintage autos in Brussels yesterday: a kid-sized "'Lotus Seven.'" I think the quotes must be part of the actual name, since this Lotus Seven, like so many, 'Lotus Sevens' was not made by or anywhere near Lotus itself.

Belgian racing driver-turned-tuner-and-supercar-manufacturer Tony Gillett created it in his shop for a client at some point. Then it was restored in 2005, and outfitted with a carbon fiber dash, handle, and gear shift.


Which, seriously? As the owner of a car, the Scion xB, whose only factory options were LED cupholders and a carbon fiber gas flap, I think I know what I'm talking about when I call this extraneous carbon fiber bullshit? Get it off.

And you wouldn't know it by reading Bonhams' copy, but a closer inspection of the badge reveals it to be a Donky. Which I'm assuming makes it a kid-sized version of the the local Dutch Lotus Seven knockoff, the Donkervoort. Gillett was at one point the Donkervoort distributor in Belgium.

The dinky Donkervoort sold for EUR 5520 to someone who presumably is fine with all of this.

Lot 1: 'Lotus Seven' Child's Car by Tony Gillett, sold for EUR5520 [bonhams via dt reader nathan]

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