May 12, 2013

Bugaboo's Having A Sample Sale Saturday


What do you make of this? A pteradactyl? A brooch? There's a sale at Buggies!

The Bugaboo Showroom in LA is throwing open the doors and clearing out the merch with a sample sale this coming Saturday, May 18, from 10-2. There's supposedly a bit of everything: the Bee, Cameleon, and Donkey, as well as accessories and such, at up to 75% off. Which might be enough of a discount to get you down to El Segundo.

If you go, I'd definitely be interested to hear what the deals were like. So I know whether it's interesting or useful enough to folks to be posting stuff like this. And if it's a bust, at least you can get a free copy of the Book of Mormon (non-musical version) at the LDS chapel across the street. So random.

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