May 7, 2013

JDM Minivan Drift

Yes, this Best Motoring clip of a Japanese minivan track showdown is from 2007, so it's really of no use in deciding whether to buy a new Honda or a Mazda. Now its only value is to entertain, and entertain it does, even if you don't speak Japanese.

Though it helps, especially when a driver has trouble passing because the brakes automatically kick in when he gets too close to the car in front of him.

And while it appears that the Mazdas are thoroughly smoking the Hondas, a commenter notes that on the whole show, it's really the driver, "Drift King," who smokes the others, no matter what he's in.

Either way, professional drivers on closed course, do not attempt &c. &c.

Mazda Premacy (aka Mazda5), Honda Stream, Honda Odyssey [youtube via jalopnik, thanks dt reader rolf]


Not sure if there's much an American buyer can learn here as I think the Premacy is the only horse in this race that makes it to our shores (as a Mazda5). It would be interesting to see how a US Odyssey would do...much porkier than any of these but a lot more power.

I love the Premacy swerving at the finish line. Obviously happened as the driver reached back to break up a fight in the second row.

From now on I'm calling my Mazda5 a Premacy. Such a better name.

Those guys are rank amateurs. Tell them to try it with ten bags of groceries in the back. Then they are ready for a showdown with me in the parking garage of the mall of their choice. As long as it has an Old Navy.

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