April 18, 2013

BYO Booster Seats: OG 1975 Volvo C303 Soft-Top


Remember that amazing Volvo C303 that had been demilitarized and given a deluxe-looking, preschool dropoff line-ready metallic silver paint job? Yeah, this is not that.

The C303 was Volvo's 1970s military flagship, the Swedish equivalent to the Unimog and Pinzgauer, and they've been decommissioned after lifetimes of meticulous, military-grade maintenance, to climb their way into the rocky canyons of 4x4 lovers' hearts.


This example, a soft-top has a whole slew of highly practical and performance-related enhancements, like electronic ignition, inertial shoulder belts on all six seats, a custom lift for the 35" spare tire, and a custom-made bikini top. But it also retains approximately all of its wilderness and warzone functionality, from its NATO green paint to its dual winch mounts, dual batteries, and tire pump.

And it's apparently in highly documented, thoughtfully restored condition, with 3,000km since a restoration, and just 15,000km [!] total in more than 35 years.


Though a bunch of spare parts are included, you'll have to ask whether the seller will let you keep the booster seats, or if you should bring your own for the family chug back down from Massachusetts.

1975 Volvo TGB-1111 C303 Not a Jeep, pinzgauer, Unimog, Land Rover or Toyota FJ, current bid: $15,000, auction ends Apr. 21 [ebay, thx dt offroader nathan]
UPDATE: Sold for a very reasonable $16,601. The guy who bid $16,600 must be dying right now.

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