January 1, 2013

Francespotting: Moulin Roty Toddler Tricycle

We're spending the holidays with family in France, so my posting at DT will be light this week. But a blogger's always blogging, even if only I'm his head. And this sweet little powder-coat & wood tricycle caught my eye at the toy store in Lourmarin the other day.

Moulin Roty sounds like a Jamaican lunch special, but it's a modernist-tinged nostalgia brand in France. Their Jouets d'Enfance collection is full of approximations of toys as awesome as you think the ones you had were.

This particular trike is a little shopworn, probably because no one thought the build quality was quite up to the EUR179 price tag. (It's still not moving at 159, but perhaps you could haggle.)

But move quickly, or at least before people realize how much nicer the old model is compared to the new one.

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