October 25, 2012

There Is No Friday Freakout Big Enough

Ho. ly. Smokes. I just can't even mention it or link to the story. Or to the mom's blog. Even reading the Times, with the little details of their day culled from the blog and sprinkled through the report, it just feels awful and invasive and desperately, terribly sad. And...just.



I am a new mom and just in shock and completely sad! Stomach dropped!

So terrible. I feel sick to my stomach and so sad for that family. And still more sick at the thought of all the papparazzi and press wanting photos and statements, and the thought of crazy people commenting on her blog now, and the Law & Order writers scrambling to get it made into a show.

When it seems like the only think to feel is sadness, many NYT (and other) commentators feel this is the time to tell the world what they already thought about nannies, Upper West Side families, working parents, etc.

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