October 7, 2012

Here Is A Silicone Chair By Alessandro Ciffo.


You probably didn't wake up this morning thinking it, but you may now go to bed tonight, wondering to yourself, if what that corner really needs, isn't a prototype chair and tuffett molded from a grid of silicone.

This chair, titled, "Saccomatto," [which I think translates as "Crazy Bag," which, well, if the rubber fits] is apparently the first one made by Alessandro Ciffo, in 2008. It was bought by Murray Moss, who used to have a store selling this stuff.

Here's a video of the frankly confounding production process.

Officially launched at Milan as the Iperbolico chair, Ciffo decided that each semi-structural, semi-inflatable chair should be an hommage to some random artist or other: Damien [Hirst], Joan [Miro], Gerhard [Richter], etc. It's sort of a disaster.


Oct. 16, 2012, Lot 46: Sottomacco chair and table [sic] by Alessandro Ciffo, est. $18-22,000 [phillipsdepury.com]
Alessandro Ciffo Iperbolico Chair [xxisilico]

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