September 25, 2012

Here Is A Mercedes Benz B-Class In The US.

Here are some of the things I wish for:


  • An equitable, lasting peace in the Middle East.
  • A spirited yet civil and ultimately uniting election for the United States.
  • That the world will wake up to the dire environmental situation in time to leave a vibrant, healthy, pleasant and beautiful world for my children and their children to inhabit.
  • A US-legal Mercedes A- or B-Class for fun, efficient, luxury transport for my family around town.
  • That everything works out fine for this guy in Ohio selling his 2006 Canadian-spec B-Class, which is now titled in Ohio, because I spoke with him, and even if this is not the situation for me, he sure seems like a nice fellow.
I am not particular about the order in which these things are accomplished, and I will stand ready to update the list as needed. Thank you for your attention to these matters.

Mercedes Benz B-Class B200 turbo.Only 48,000 miles. 34mpg, Rare find! - $15000 (Gahanna) [ via dt mercedes shark dt]

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To make you feel slightly better, we decided not to even bother test driving the B class because we'd have to wait a really long time to get one. Instead, we traded in our 9 year old A class for a 2 year old one. Because it has Isofix for the car seat.

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