September 12, 2012

Aluminum Is Forever. Also Recyclable

From a pitch for a company that will print your keepsake digital photos on aluminum:

The brilliant new way to print and display photos, infuses an image right into the body of a lightweight, but solid sheet of recyclable aluminum. Your precious moments are then preserved with exceptional vibrancy, incomparable durability and maximum versatility.
Hmm, technically, I guess the durability vs. versatility thing is the publicist's attempt to acknowledge the utter foolishness of this product feature. So instead, I will be outraged about that extraneous comma. WTF!?


You mean w, tf?

By my count there are either two extraneous commas or one extraneous and one missing comma.

d'oh, and now I see two missing. It's such comma mayhem, you'd think Team Romney was behind it.

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