September 8, 2012

Et In Arcadia Eh-Oh

Adam Roberts makes the case that the anti-utopian warnings of the Teletubbies' infantilized cyborg pseudo-natural culture surpasses both H.G. Wells and Aldous Huxley in their intensity:

But neither writer explored the logic of their own premises as far as do the Teletubbies. Their utopian existence depends upon them being fully child-like, in all respects. That is the point. The programmes broadcast to the creatures' inset televisions are, presumably, historical documentaries about the way life used to be, concentrating quite naturally on the infantile existence as the paradigm for the future utopia. The face in the sun becomes, I suppose, the manifestation of the central machine intelligence that regulates and maintains the world.

Time For Teletubbies: Radical Utopian Fiction [ via jwz]


Daddy's Special Brownies: Part Deux?

my slow clap is a sign of awe, not that I'm high.

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