September 8, 2012

Daddy's Special Brownies

And all this time I thought it was just a plant.

San Francisco art dealer and father of three Mark Wolfe has an awesome and hilarious op-ed in the NY Times about how his medical marijuana prescription has transformed his parenting:

As anyone who inhaled during college can attest, cannabis enhances the ability to perceive beauty, complexity and novelty in otherwise mundane things (grout patterns in your bathroom floor, the Grateful Dead, Doritos), while simultaneously locking you into a prolonged state of rapt attention. You not only notice the subtle color variations in your cat's fur, you stare at them in loving awe for 20 solid minutes.

I submit that this can be enormously salutary to the parent-toddler relationship. Beyond food, shelter and clothing, what do small children need most from their parents? Sustained, loving, participatory attention. Thank you, Doctor

As for why he takes his meds "always in private, never in front of them, never too much," I realized it's easier than explaining why daddy gets to eat brownies for breakfast--and why he won't share.

UPDATE: Whoa, these letters to the editor are harshing Wolfe's mellow.

How Pot Helps Parenting [nytimes]

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