August 21, 2012

Porsche H50 4-Door 928 Concept At Monterey

image: one of many on autoblog

Strictly in the interest of completeness, you understand, Daddy Types will take note of every ill-conceived stretch Porsche 928 out there, no matter how unfortunate or ill-conceived.

On the bright side [sic], the rear hatch line on the 1987 H50 Concept does look less hacked together than the 1986 AMG variant that turned up at Amelia Island a few years back.

Porsche 928 H50 Concept Is The Ghost Of Panamera Past [autoblog via dt sr wagon correspondent jjdaddy-o and our man in monterey dt]
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cool angles + odd back seat doors with no handles??
how do you open them, by opening the main side doors 1st?

i drove by that massive auto show on "17-mile drive" between Carmel + Pacific Grove last wednesday.

i'm into electric vehicles + the GM VOLT is amazing,
because the 1st 37 miles is all electric (which can cover a whole day of travel sometimes), then it's 37 mpg. it has lots of room. i was just borrowing the VOLT, but now i love it.

Kind of amazing that this was developed with Porsche's blessing. Not every Porsche is beautiful but this project is pretty hard to look at. At least they got it right with the Panamera which is beautiful, well reviewed and a huge hit.

@mod*mom: Are things going well at the Chevy dealership? jk. I'm seeing more and more Volts on the road. Maybe they're finally striking a chord.

Yeah, I got that publicist invite, too.

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