July 31, 2012

100 Objects I'm Totally Gonna Reblog From 100 Objects From Century Of The Child


Oh well, there goes my next big idea. I was thinking I'd just blog the bejeebees out of MoMA's incredible Century of the Child exhibition by, you know, maybe posting an object a day or something. And here, MoMA's own curatorial assistant Aidan O'Connor, who worked with curator Juliet Kinchin to pull the show together, has beat me to it. And on tumblr, no less.

100 Objects from Century of the Child is exactly that, and it is unsurprisingly awesome out of the gate. When I saw it during installation, the entrance to the show just had a gargantuan photomural version of Jens Jensen's 1973 photo of a Swedish kid happily dangling by one hand off a modernist wall.

And now it's got the mecha-Stokke furniture, too. I haven't seen a Tripp Trapp that big since Iceland 2006.

100 Objects from Century of the Child [centuryofthechild.tumblr.com]
Previously: Stokke Tripp Trapp now available in Viking & Gnome sizes

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I sat in a giant Tripp Trapp in T√łnder, Denmark! (Where was it in Iceland? Didn't see it there. But, since we were there in 2009, perhaps it had been liquidated...)

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