July 26, 2012

D Is For D'oh! S Is For Steampunk ABC Book.


When I set out to find a compelling Steampunk themed ABC book, I was shocked to find there wasn't one. I've been doing steampunk art for several years in the video game industry, and now I'm on a mission to illustrate a visually compelling, fun for all ages Steampunk Alphabet book, the one I wanted to buy.
That's Portland artist and dad of three Ken Iwata, whose pitch for his Steampunk ABC book. came just as we headed out of town, and so I missed it. And his Kickstarter project ended successfully just about an hour ago. So I completely missed that, too.

Which means that, short of funding a time machine Kickstarter project, building it, and traveling back to this morning, the only way to know when the giant, old-timey circuit-breaker switch has been thrown and this horrible era of a world without a steampunk ABC book has finally been brought to a merciful end is to check Iwata's website for updates. That was all one sentence, btw.

Steampunk Alphabet Book - The ABCs...Steampunked! by Nat Iwata [kickstarter.com]
Nat Iwata's blog/portfolio/online presence [natiwata.com]

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