July 16, 2012


When I heard on NPR this afternoon that Marissa Meyer was the next CEO of Yahoo, I was like, "Whoa!" in the car, which made the kids in the backseat wonder what's up.

Because they know Google, of course, but I had to explain to them what Yahoo was. And then how the Internet started, and the web, and how I emailed links from business school to these guys at Stanford, who'd add them to their list, and then how the early web boom took off, and the hard thing was finding stuff, and then stickiness, and eyeballs--they really liked the eyeballs part. If only more people had tried to explain eyeballs to their kids in the 90s, the bubble would've popped much sooner, I swear. But then Google, and how their page had nothing, but they could find anything, and how Marissa Meyer was one of the earliest people there, and she gave me permission in an email once in 2002 to use "Google" as a verb in a script. But by that point, they just mostly wanted to talk about selling eyeballs.

Anyway, on top of all that, Meyer and her husband Zack are expecting a boy in October, and so the September Yahoo board meeting's been moved from New York to Sunnyvale, which is like the second right decision that board's made in the last ten years. Good luck all around.


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I hope she shares pics of presenting to the board at 9 months pg. And I hope she looks powerful in them.

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