June 25, 2012

Another Family Ferrari: Greg Garrison's Desert-Optimized 400i


Isn't it funny how, when you become a dad, you start to like the Ferraris you hated the most when you were a kid?

I used to laugh at the very idea of a 2+2. Those weird 60s GTs, and the boring-looking 400i? Bleh.

And now, well, I have to agree with DT reader Nathan, that they do look pretty sweet. And so practical, too!

Nathan sent along a 1984 400i with manual transmission, which had been customized for desert driving for its original owner, the late Greg Garrison, who was Dean Martin's TV producer and a legendary Ferrari collector. Which basically boils down to two A/Cs and extra insulation in the roof. But still, Greg Garrison, people. This is probably the only five-figure Garrison Ferrari you'll ever see. And Dino himself might have shoehorned into the very spot where your kid's booster seat will be wedged.

1984 Ferrari 400i Serial Number 50807, currently for sale, $39,500 [ferraris-online.com via dt reader nathan]
The Whole Family - 2+2 highlights at the Ferrari 400 Registry [ferrari400]
A 1968 365 GT2+2 Garrison sold to Steve Wynn [fantasyjunction]


I was just looking at Ferrari 400s on Hemmings yesterday...

This and the Bitter SC were two of my favorite cars growing up. I want to say I used to make them in Lego, but 1984? what was I doing making Lego AND graduating High School? Actually the Lego must have been at first the Battle of the Planets' "Phoenix"/TR7 (hopefully...)

These always looked cool, but it's like an AM Lagonda, mid 80s reliability coupled with astronomical parts and service prices. You could easily double your purchase price in maintenance costs in a few years.

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