June 16, 2012

School Of Rachel Harrison


It took me a long time to wise up to Rachel Harrison's art. Too long, in fact, and by the time I realized the intelligence and complexity of her sculptures, I couldn't afford them. Live and learn.

Meanwhile, the kid, having basically started her art practice with Harrison, will be miles ahead of me. After making this aluminum tape-wrapped sculpture in an art studio class at the Hirshhorn Museum last summer with Dan Steinhilber, the kid brought it home, set it on the table, and then nestled her water bottle up against it, Harrison-style.

All in the Family, 2012
styrofoam, concrete, acrylic, Hoover
image: greenenaftali.com

Then the kid destroyed the work--by drinking the water and putting the bottle in the sink--right after taking the picture. I was reminded of it because I just saw Harrison's awesome show of new works, which closes today, at Greene Naftali.

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