June 15, 2012

Shady, Baby! Buy THE 2009 Maclaren Quest Today!


It's true, a piece of dadblogging history can be yours today. Or probably tomorrow, since it's late.

I bought this 2009 Maclaren Sport stroller as part of the big Macpocalypse 2012/ Shady Baby/ Secret Maclaren Factory Outlet investigation a few weeks ago. It's unopened in the original factory box, and comes with factory-installed, CPSC-mandated hinge covers. At least that's what they tell me; I still haven't opened the box.

Anyway, this Quest is a $229 retail value, which I bought for $169, shipped. The first guy with $150 who wants it can have it. It's in DC, so you can pick it up, or I'll ship it to you in the continental US for $15.

Operators are standing by.

UPDATE: And done. And that's how you make money with blogs, people. Buy products, write about them, and then sell them instantly for $20 less than you--oh wait. Anyway, it's worth $20 to finally have this box out of here.


We'll take it. Live in dc.

We bought a post-recall-hinge-design Volo from Shady Baby a month or two ago. Good price and very quick shipping. No complaints here.

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