June 14, 2012

I Believe That Toddler POVs Are The Future

Go ahead and melt, laugh, chuckle, retweet, whatever, just savor this moment. Because though the day when a dad'd stage a cute home video and sent it to Bob Saget are long gone, and even the idea of producing viral YouTube home videos is starting to feel like business as usual...

The day when we're all wearing Google Glasses and perpetually livecasting our POV videos to the world is still a ways off. And the moment where the percentage of the population whose videostream reveals them to be camped on a sofa, watching someone else's videostream surpasses 81%, is hopefully farther still.

So yeah, here you go: 2yo with a headcam playing hide & seek with her dad.

Toddler POV Hide & Seek [wetwipey's youtube, via dt senior futurist dt]


I'm going to make my daughter wear one of these all the time, and try to get a feed straight to my phone. Also, I'll try to train her to start narrating everything she does, and speak in an australian accent. RIP Crocodile Hunter.

Mostly what it did for me was say, "OK, don't even have the phone on my person when I'm playing with the kid."

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