June 6, 2012

The Family Ferrari At The Bernal GT


You know, sometimes you just want to load the kids into the backseat of the Ferrari and head for the open road. And unless you're the Sultan of Brunei, that probably means the anomalous Bertone classic, the 308 GT4.

Here's one such happy family, seen stopping for snacks during last month's Bernal GT, organized by the Bernal Dads' Racing Team, and photographed and slideshowed by Todd Lappin of Telstar Logistics. Look at that trunk, you could fit a stroler in there!

Stylish Scenes from the Bernal GT [bernalwood]


Custom fitted Ferrari Beebop, undoubtedly

One of the few Ferraris I would ever consider owning, and luckily for me, one of the cheaper ones. Love those Bertone lines, probably because it looks like they knocked off the S1 Lotus Esprit from the front.

There's a dark blue one in our neighborhood I see once in a while. So pretty.

(Trivia question: name the only other mid-engine 2+2 production cars. There are 4.)

2+2 mid-engine production cars? Only the Evora comes to mind. Curious about the others.
Mid-engine doesn't really lend itself to family use with the exception of the Previa but that would be more than 2+2.

In addition to this and the Evora, in descending order of beauty:

Maserati Merak
Lamborghini Urraco
Ferrari Mondial (ugh)

And if you want to stretch the definition of "production", the Panther Solo II.

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