June 1, 2012

ZOMG Dadwagon Reading In Brooklyn June 13

This is so awesome. You should totally go. Dadwagon is starting a monthly reading series, which, right??

And the first installment features dad-related stories from Peter Meehan, Paul Ford, and Jeff Yang. Like I said, you really, really should go. This will be awesome.

DadWagon Presents: Loinfruit, Meltdowns, and Weeknight Drinking
Wednesday, June 13 at 4:00pm at Pacific Standard
I'm pretty sure 4pm is beer o'clock in the Slope, right?

But wait, the
Pacific Standard blog says 7pm and to "leave the kids at home (please!)"

Until we get this cleared up, your best bet is just to clear your calendar and be prepared to spend the whole day in a bar, rereading Lucky Peach and Gary Benchley, Rock Star.

UPDATE: Ahaha, it's 4PM Pacific Standard time, which is 7PM in Brooklyn. At Pacific Standard. Capito? 7PM, ditch the kids.

DadWagon's Facebook says 4pm [facebook, via Dadcentric's Jason, who'll totally be there at 4]
DadWagon Presents: Loinfruit, Meltdowns, and Weeknight Drinking [pacificstandardbrooklyn]

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