May 24, 2012

SM Daddy


A very lucky and satisfied Bring A Trailer reader has filed a report on the awesome 1973 Citroen SM he scored through the site a couple of months ago. It's the feelgood 40-yo car story of the day, but this photo and quote could not go unblogged:

This past weekend I loaded up the SM for a family road trip to hike at Starved Rock state park and take part in an MTB race in nearby Matthiessen state park. The sound of the Maserati V6 put my son to sleep for much of the drive - an unexpected benefit of SM ownership!
Drive on, lucky SM owner!

BaT Success Story: That Lucky Citroen SM Buyer []


As much as I would love an SM, repair costs are INSANE (if you can find anyone who can repair them). One thing goes wrong with the engine and your kids go to State College. Two things go wrong and you have to sell them for medical experiments.
Look at this thing!

what could possibly go wrong?

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