May 22, 2012

Buy These Bugaboo Maxi-Cosi Adapters For Practically Nothing


Regular DT readers know I love nothing more than leaving money on the table. From all the ads and sponsored content we don't sell, to all the giveaways and tweetups and shilling contests we don't run.

And now I've found a new way to not maximize the amount of kid gear-related money I take in: by skipping the eBay madhouse and just cold underpricing this pair of Bugaboo Maxi-Cosi adapters in a straight-to-you offer.

These Bugaboo adapters are for the Frog, Cameleon or Gecko, and they fit the Maxi Cosi Mico, Cabrio or CabrioFix infant carriers. They're identical to the models Bugaboo currently sells in the US for $45, though we got them in 2004, from England, and they cost £44 plus approximately £1,000,000 for shipping.

So if I priority mail these to you in the US for $30, I'll be taking a 99.999% haircut.

They do have a patina, but they work perfectly. Do let me know if you'd like them.

Or buy some Bugaboo Maxi-Cosi adapters new for $50 and up, shipped [amazon]

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