April 27, 2012

How's This Folding Wagon Look To You?


I've now seen a couple of people hauling their kids around in one of these folding wagons. Mostly on daytrips from the suburbs to the zoo. It sure makes more sense than bringing one of those giant red plastic tub wagons into town. But it also looks a little pinchy; the Maclaren guys must look at this thing and shake their heads.

Here's a folding wagon by Mac Sports on Amazon for like $65.
And really, with a little canopy for five bucks more? So these aren't just repurposed gardening implements after all? [amazon.com]


Note the description on Amazon:

Folds conveniently and compactly and stores easy
Strong solid frame construction and durable 600 Denier Polyester fabric
Quick and easy set up; Open Dimension: 37 x 21 x 23(inches)
Weight capacity of 150 lbs
Please note that it is NOT made to transport small or any age children.
Not that it would necessarily prevent me from using it that way, but I guess it's not the intention...

Hah, whoops, missed that. So the one with the optional canopy is just to keep your tool handles from getting too hot.

Don't bother. I've had my eye on this baby for a year now. I finally had an excuse to get one (to haul camping gear a mile from the parking lot to the campsite for a Girl Scout event) and we put it to the test. We made 2 trips with it and woke up the next morning to see that one of the front wheels had broken off. We needed to use it for the day to carry 12 people's lunches and supplies around for the day so we rigged it up to a Radioflyer and had a double decker wagon (Girl Scout ingenuity at work!). As soon as I get over this gum surgery that they claimed would just be like having a "really bad pizza burn" on the roof of your mouth (yeah, my bet is the periodontist has never actually HAD this surgery), the long-coveted wagon is going back to the Home Depot & I'll start my wagon search all over again. (FTR, there was another woman at this even that had the same wagon and her front wheel was well on its way to breaking.)

Our wagon wont break with proper care and it has a canopy and rear basket. It even has big fat beach type tires and looks really sharp.

It called Folding Sport Wagon

Check out our wagon Jennifer...I think it will meet you needs...thanks, Jim

How about this one? We have been looking for a wagon for a while now. It's not as deep as others, but at least the folding hinges are hidden. We just bought it and have rolled it around the neighborhood with the kids... so far, so good.

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