April 25, 2012

Take Care Mommy!

I delete a shit-ton of these things just from the subject line alone, so kudos to these folks for getting me to read the salutation...

Hello Mommy Blogger! :D

You have ventured to create a successful empire of pregnancy-mommy-influence. Your decadence and popularity in the world of internet has sparked my attention because.......

we are a reality casting company!


Anyways, would you mind spreading the word? Whether it be joyous praise or intellectual critique! We are spreading the news about our show.

Can you please blog about us? In the world of entertainment (and especially reality tv......) "all press is good press."

Take care mommy!

...And to post at least this much. Before deleting it.

But I guess if they didn't know how to trigger public, kneejerk emotionally charged reactions in a pathologically incurious, fact-challenged way, they wouldn't be in reality TV.

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