April 24, 2012

Damn You, eBay, And Your Creative Playthings Steel Drum With Handpainted Logo


If eBay were a person and not just an affiliate-linked advertiser, I'd come over there and punch it in the nose right. now. for not having a system that sends reminders to bidders that items they are bidding on--and getting suddenly outbid on--are ending in a few minutes.

Items like this Creative Playthings steel drum, which, yes, may be like the one I mocked a few months ago, because seriously, how annoying could this toy be? You cannot begin to imagine.

But that one was turned the other way, and didn't show this insanely awesome, handpainted Creative Playthings logo. No stencil technology needed in Trinidad and/or Tobago, they have your logo covered. So pissed I missed this. And for a lousy $8.

1 Comment

esnipe.com. It doesn't bid until the last few seconds, it's won me many auctions that didn't have time to follow.

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