April 21, 2012

Edward Gorey's The Black Doll Plush Toy


Awesome fur coat-wearing, goth weirdo writer/artist/illustrator/playwright Edward Gorey used to make stuffed animals for friends and the cast and crew of his plays. Rarely, he also made them for sale, like the 26 handsewn, rice-filled Figbash dolls that accompanied the A-Z lettered limited edition of The Raging Tide, or The Black Doll's Imbroglio. One of that edition sold for $1440 at Pacific Book Auction in 2010, putting it squarely in the Dolls For Grownups category, which, well, hmm. Different strokes.


Anyway, last fall the Edward Gorey Trust authorized a limited edition plush version of sort of the ur-Gorey doll, The Black Doll. It appears that OC plush designer Jen Vidaurreta made the production sample, which was apparently much harder than you'd think a featureless, no-arms, no-face doll would be.

At only $40, you can stock up. Ruin a couple by letting the kid play with them; and stash the rest Mint-in-Box for your future retirement/college/bartering for vaccine boosters when our pandemic-ravaged world is ruled by Gorey-loving hedge fund managers.

Edward Gorey The Black Doll doll, $45, $40.50 for members [goreystore.com via dt reader sara]
Oh, the Black Doll is also on Amazon for $39.95. [amazon]

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Oh, man. If these had come out twenty years ago, I'd be ALL OVER them. Now, I look at them and say, "Hey, neat."

I kinda miss the guy I was twenty years ago.

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