April 18, 2012

Turn On The Air: Volvo Wagon Mayhem


Not sure how or when the tipping point was, but I totally don't mind if Daddy Types becomes a center of Volvo station wagon mayhem excellence.

I found the photo above on Motor Trend's handy 2009 faux-tutorial on shooting air. While I was looking for the source of this animated gif of some guy who, I assume, really doesn't want to get dinged the $20 for being late for daycare pickup.

Senor GIF - Volvo Jump
image via and hosted by senorgif

Getting Air: What Makes an MT Jump Shot [motortrend.com]
Extreme Volvo Jump ay SenorGIF [senorgif via dt reader spencer, who is always on time for pickup]


Technically I think Volvo considers that a crossover and not a wagon.


This is the video you're looking for. It's glorious.


@micah, while the MT shot is a XC70 I think the desert footage is a V70 which is a wagon. And who ever expected to see a Volvo, an ATV and a Grand Marquis hanging out. Maybe we can all get along.

True, the desert shot is a legit wagon and not a silly XC model. According to the later post, it's a '91 740, and it's definitely a 700 or 900 series (not 800 or V70 series).

I drove an '87 760 turbo wagon in high school and college and still miss it dearly. That was one great car.


Next time we take our XC70 through the mountains, I'll be thinking of that photo. And imagining our car squealing with delight.

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