April 9, 2012

Prego: It's In There! There Being My Uterus!


I know, I know, but seriously, isn't Prego the weirdest as hell name for anything?


I always thought so, too, until I took Italian in college; "prego" is the proper response to "grazie." Which your server will always say after you thank him/her for bringing you a meal.

well sure, if you say it the Italian way: Pray-go.

To be fair, when I posted that first comment, my phone auto-corrected it to "preggo"...

"pray-go" is Italian with the heaviest American accent.
Still, I don't connect "prego" with pregnant, I think the abbreviated "preggo" sounds cheap.

I do what I can.

bwaha, who me? no. though the idea that you start seeing every unrelated thing in terms of pregnancy was certainly a point I was going for here.

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