April 5, 2012

Tri-Ang Pedal Racer Mostly For Export


Complete scans of The Meccano Magazine going back to 1916 are now available online, and are probably filled with many forgotten awesome treasures and products that might be of great benefit to the dads and youth of today. But who knows, because there's no way to search, and all the tiny thumbnails blur together, so if you ever stumble onto anything, please let me know, because who's got the time?

On the bright side, every post-WWII issue I clicked on had an ad for Tri-Ang Toys, makers of the most popular pedal racer among Britain's hundreds of thousands of children. Which somehow is not incompatible with this statement:

"The new Pedal Racer illustrated here will be eagerly sought for by the young folks They will be coming off the production line fast soon, but like all good things, they're mostly for export."

Timothy Edwards' Comprehensive Meccano Magazine Home Page [meccanoindex.co.uk via things]

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