April 4, 2012

How Your Peeps Are Made


The NY Times' Nikolas Koenig went inside the Peeps factory and all he got is this awesome, Mister Rogers-worthy slideshow of how Peeps are made, which happens to be a question I've been fielding for several days now.

Perhaps more importantly, there is now a Peeps & Company store "at a nearby mall in Bethlehem, PA."

Oh many, now that I mention it, I guess I knew about the Peeps store at National Harbor, because the kids talked about it after their grandmother took them to the Grinch Stole Christmas Immersive Ice Sculpture Environment® or whatever it was. Carry on.

Peeps Show [nyt]
PEEPS & COMPANY® at The Shoppes at Sands, next to the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem. [peepsandcompany.com]
Previously, because it's apparently not Easter all up in here, but Groundhog Day: Peepsisqatsi

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