April 2, 2012

I'm So Happy The Carbonite Is Gone. I'm Movin' On.

You know what, the Episode IV or Episode I debate is over. The Jar-Jar dilemma, the Young Anakin annoyance? Over. Clone Wars TV vs. movie? Irrelevant.

There is now only one Star Wars movie your kids need to see first, or ever, as far as I'm concerned.

And it's this performance of "I'm Han Solo" from the Galactic Dance-Off on Kinect Star Wars:

I'm jumpin' in my Falcon,
Wookie by my side.

I'm solo, I'm Han Solo,
I'm Han Solo.
I'm Han Solo. Solo.

The move with the elbows is called Falcon in Flight, and it's followed by the Trash Compactor.

Game, set, match. Case closed. Finito. Amen. Thump a Whomp rat, it's done. Signing off. Over and out. May The Force be with you.

OF COURSE, AN ILL-ADVISED SEQUEL UPDATE: No. There is another. Slave Leia dancing to "I Ain't No Hologram Girl" in Jabba's palace.

And holy smokes, this and this, which is midichlorian bullshit compared to Mullet Man's fan video of stormtrooper YMCA from 2010, people.

Dancing to "I'm Han Solo" on Kinect Star Wars [via kottke]
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My wallet flew out of my pocket and hit me around the face until I bought the game on Amazon after I watched that video.

...I first checked to make sure it wasn't an April Fools, admittedly. I am astonished that it isn't.

if jules verne had written a science fiction book about a futuristic society where hefty losers dance by themselves in front of doritos-littered overstuffed couches mimicking digitized versions of widely-worshiped zoetrope characters dancing to parody versions of songs originally recorded with computer-enhanced voices, hitler never would have happened because everyone in the whole world would have agreed to off themselves before anything like that could become possible.

Never used XBox Kinect before but the video at the bottom dispels any ideas I had about this thing providing a degree of exercise. Yeah, Han and Leah are getting a workout but the but the guy playing the game seems to be trying to get away with as little extra movement as possible.

RIGHT?? Combine it with the insane score inflation, and we're about six months from a Kinect you can play from the sofa.

Hey I just wanted to thank you for featuring my Stormtrooper video into your blog! And yeah that Star Wars game for Kinect is a piece of crap.
-Mullet Man

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