April 2, 2012

DT Giveaway: Swag-Filled Bugaboo Organizer


We don't do PR freebies around Daddy Types, and no giveaways. Except sometimes, when some sweet PR swag slips through the cracks.

Like the fine-looking Bugaboo Universal Organizer that showed up unannounced a little while back, which was stocked with goodies. Which I will not keep, but instead, give away this week to one lucky commenter on this post, chosen at random on Friday evening, 8pm EST.

You don't need to follow DT on Twitter [though you could, @daddytypes]. And you don't need to friend DT on Facebook, because no. And you don't need to click through the link below before doing your Amazon shopping, to see how neatly the Organizer fits on the back of the stroller, thereby giving DT a small kickback on whatever you buy. [And anyway, good grief, how could you shop online after reading that warehouse wage slave story?]

But if you do have some relevant info, perhaps you can explain just what the hell is up with coconut water, because I tried it, and it sucks. It tastes like the water that comes out of a coconut. And then run through a radiator.


Anyway, in addition to the very nice, compact Organizer [a $29.95 value], the lucky winner will also receive the rest of the bag's swagtastic contents, minus the coconut water and the CLIF bar, which I ate, thanks, and those champagne mangoes in the back, which are not included, and anyway, they are gone, and were delicious:

  • Little Twig organic calming lavender body milk, $11,

  • Supergoop SPF30 sunscreen wipes, which I'd actually forgotten were in there, otherwise I sure would've taken them to the Virgin Islands last week, and which, whoa, really? $25!

  • A Playtime Pad from Knock Knock, for takeoff and landing, $8

  • A kid-size steel bottle from that good Swiss company, uh, whatever, you know the one, probably $20 or so [update: yeah, SIGG, and it's only $15, so]

  • Some high-quality lip balm, I'll have to look these two brands up again after the kid's asleep, $3? $4? [update: Shaka Laka Lip Blaka, which, bless their hearts, is from Da Biggah Island of Utah. All the K's are for Kaysville. $2.]

  • and a Starbuck's Card with $10 on it, I just scraped the sticker off and checked.

So that's $80, easy, right? Probably more like $90? For making a wisecrack about coconut water? How can you resist? Share all the wisdom you like, but one entry per person, please. And make sure you use a valid email address so I can contact you if you win. [Your info won't be public, or used for anything else. It's the least social media marketing-optimized giveaway ever!]

Bugaboo Organizer, Dark Grey, $29.95 at Amazon [amazon]


I completely agree about the coconut water. Tried it a few times, thinking somehow that a different brand might change things. Nope, still gross. But sorry I have no relevant info. to add.

My husband swears that coconut water is full of useful electrolytes, and your body will learn to like it once it realizes how useful the coconut water is to the body. My body only thinks it would be useful if stranded on a dessert island though.

Wasn't there a big story on NPR about coconut water recently? It's some sort of yoga fad, right? It tastes damn good out of a fresh green coconut, though.

Coconut water - I just don't get it. That stuff is nasty.

I love coconut milk, but I haven't jumped on the coconut water fad yet.

I can't bring myself to buy coconut water, since the water I drink is tap water.

I thought coconut water was a tropical treat. It must be a a marketing dream though. Five phrasal adjectives? Nothing the stuff can't do, apparently.

I have not had coconut water thus far (out of some combination of cheapness and smug fad avoidance.) Can't say that it looks overly appealing.

Would love the swag bag though. Having first kid soonish and planning to get a bugaboo (hmm, guess the fad avoidance is out the window.)


Very nice.

..."Some" high-quality lip balm? Has it been used?

Not yet, but if you win, Eric, you can have it ALL.

mmmmmmm Coconuts.

This is just to say those champagne mangoes in the back, which are not included, they are gone and were delicious.

A DT give-away? I would have expected this post on Sunday, April 1st.

I kind of like coconut water. Not just the recent yoga studio brands in the glorified juice boxes. I'll drink the Goya stuff with the little pieces of coconut too, right out of the dust covered cans with the pop tops that look like they've been on the supermarket shelf since the early 80s.

Perhaps coconut water tastes better when it comes out of a coconut than out of a tetrapak.

I like coconut water. *hides*

i don't get coconut water either. but my wife demands to drink it by the caseful.

Coconut water? Is it part of the coconut-as-latest-super-food trend? Or perhaps I misunderstood that from the coconut water p.r. and should stop putting the grated stuff in my kids' yogurt. The part that really intrigues me, though, is the spf wipes. Even having just returned from the nightmare of applying sunscreen on an under two year old 4 times a day, I can't imagine spending that much money for them. Unless it's a pack of, say, 300?

I wanted to like coconut water, but don't. I think the water I drank from a coconut I bought at a market in the Aussie tropics was tastier than the commercial stuff. And considering that coconut had actually gone off, well, that's saying something.

Now, yogurt or ice cream with coconut is another thing altogether...!

I truly believe that NO ONE likes coconut water. How could anyone drink this crap? Even a coconut cut open with a straw in it tastes disgusting...i tried it... because it looked cool and there was a guy on the side of the road with a machete selling it... double cool. kudos to vita coco for hiring rihanna as a spokesperson. is rihanna's "cool factor" attracting customers??

Coconut water is not helped by its presentation as used dishwater.

A really good looking young woman posted on my facebook newsfeed a while ago that she was "obsessed with coconut water" so I went out, spent $4 on a tiny tetra pack of the crap and tried to enjoy it. It sucked... but it cost me $4 so I drank it :(

I don't get the coconut water thing either. But everyone I know who follows the Paleo diet or does Crossfit is crazy about it.
I prefer my water to be free, so I'll stick to tap.

this is very helpful info. I didn't think "latest non-carbonated premium water beverage trend" could account for the jump.

i like coconut water, but being of asian descent, we grew up around coconut groves in vietnam and having fresh coconut water and meat everyday. the packaging says that it's loaded with natural electrolytes and i find that recovery is improved with coconut water after a strenuous work out.

i'd say get your hands on a green coconut, chop off the green casing, pour it over some crushed iced and scoop out the meat. then if you don't like it, then you can say you've tried it in it's most natural form and it sucked.

you should also try grass jelly drinks too.

Ugh, thank you for saving some unlucky person from that coconut water!

Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway, which is now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner. You may, of course, continue to discuss coconut water as you like.

crap I missed it. I was all ready with a clever comment and everything.

Well, Coconut Water has electrolytes, and as we all know, that's what plants crave. So pour it on plants.

Congratulations to Melanie, our randomly selected winner! And thanks to everyone who commented. I do feel much better--and better informed--about the coconut water thing.

Thanks, Greg!

Thanks again! It arrived a couple of days ago and I finally got to open the box over the weekend. Wondering which kid will be fastest to claim the water bottle, and I'm not planning to share the Starbucks card :-)

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