March 29, 2012

Wait, What? Clyfford Still Jigsaw Puzzle?


Artist/critic John Perreault offhandedly mentioned this Clyfford Still jigsaw puzzle in his review of the Still Museum in Denver, but the puzzle isn't listed on the Museum's online store. I will investigate this potentially awesome development in eleven minutes, when the store opens. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Clyfford Still Jigsaw Puzzle!


OK, just got off the phone with the Museum folks. The puzzle is being produced by hand locally, in a very low volume, and will be sold only at the shop, beginning "later this Spring." The lid of the box [not shown] has a beveled space for arranging the pieces into your very own Still-like composition. It is expected to cost around $300. You can join the Museum's mailing list for updates, or stay tuned to this space, because you can rest assured Daddy Types is gonna be following this story very closely.

In the Still of the Night [artopia]
Clyfford Still Museum website []



Now what is this about some painter?

totally. I thought of cropping it, but I just couldn't.

It's a great space. I can try to get some jigsaw puzzle pics next time I'm down there.

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