March 19, 2012

The DiaperPod Is A Plastic Bag On A Diaper.


The DiaperPods is [are?] a "revolutionary new concept for disposable diapers" "[d]esigned with safety and sanitation in mind," that "controls odor and provides a convenient and sanitary disposal method, in the form of a disposable receptacle built right into a diaper."

It is a plastic bag on a diaper.

The inventors of DiaperPods are currently competing in some kind of social media contest to get their product on the shelf at Wal-Mart.

Which obviously makes no sense.

Because as everyone knows, this is not how anyone, least of all Wal-Mart, chooses its diapers. The DiaperPods Team also knows this, which is why on their website they lay out their relatively more logical plan:

DiaperPods, LLC is going to diaper manufacturers around the world as advocates of parents, grandparents, and caregivers that desire and need the convenience of DiaperPods Technology.
Because this is not a consumer product, and no sane startup wants to compete against Big Diaper. At Wal-Mart. So this is obviously a patent/solution licensing play, and they're using the Wal-Mart contest as a proof-of-concept, Facebook popularity contest.

But seriously? [And let's set aside the entire, non-trivial issue that what our planet does not need right now is a convenience solution that somehow involves more plastic shopping bags, one for everything, in fact.] How often do you really need or want a plastic bag right then and there, and what percentage of total diaper consumption does that use case comprise? Because as even their demo video demonstrates, you've still got your fingers all in that diaper to roll it up. The benefit of the bag only comes after you've made that diaper burrito. And you really only care about a bag if you're not able to ditch that diaper immediately.

So really, you're talking about a solution for when you need to put that dirty diaper back in the bag. Or your purse. Or your pocket. Our your stroller. Or your car. Otherwise, who cares, right? You're outta there.

So at most a DiaperPods-equipped diaper will be a specialized-use product, something you have to remember to put your kid in when you're going out. The road trip equivalent of a swim diaper.

As head-smackingly brilliant an invention as it is, I think the sector that's gonna generate the real Pods money isn't infant care, but feminine hygiene: Because seriously, no dude wants to deal with that. Mark my words, the FemPod's gonna be huge.

Diaperpods: changing just got more convenient [diaperpods via publicist]


You'd still make a fortune selling them in travel size, or single wrap for even more waste, at the checkout counters at Buy Buy Baby. Throw one or two of these in the diaper bag instead of regular diapers makes some sense for those that wouldn't mind spending a bit extra.

That's a good point; I guess any diaper you can sell for a dollar instead of a quarter is gonna be appealing.

A few plastic shopping bags in the diaper bag handles all the poop emergencies we've experienced. Most of the time you roll up the diaper and chuck it in a garbage bag/diaper genie anyway so why create more waste with another layer of plastic?

Perhaps they did their market research in child care centers. The largest national child care accrediting body, NAEYC, requires each diaper to be thrown away in its own plastic bag. Ridiculous.

Ridiculous, but also a good point, which I did not know. Also, completely ridiculous.

While traveling, the whole family would appreciate this, if you happened to have misplaced the plastic grocery bag. You can't misplace this bag unless you misplace your child!

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