March 2, 2012

DT Friday Freakout: Babyccino Edition

I may add to this later, but it's a start:

Dude, male birth control pills, transurethral ultrasound AND babyccino? The only way Colbert could be begging any harder for a Daddy Types link is if he had Uma on to discuss her work with breastfeeding.

UPDATE: I took out the Colbert Report video because I couldn't get it to stop auto-playing. Here's a clip.

OK, Here's a textbook freakout, which is a freakout in part because it actually happened. To DT reader Eric, whose kids were among those to mistakenly get cancer medicine in their prescription fluoride tablet bottle from the local CVS. Who only got around to noticing the toxic switch and calling patients two months after the fact. Eric's advice: check the actual meds, watch your kids' reactions to meds closely. [news report: patch]

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Yeah, so we got tamoxifen too! Although I didn't know what it was until reading dt!! The head pharmacist who called me didn't explain what it was, just said it was harmless. He offered no apology or anything. Thank God we hadn't started using that bottle yet. I know mistakes are made, but I am pretty livid CVS apparently knew about this incident weeks before they started notifying parents. Today there was a message from someone at corporate risk management. Can't wait to hear what she has to say.

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