March 1, 2012

Happy Happy Tweet Tweet

If we haven't heard about corporate turmoil and management shenanigans at Maclaren before, it could be because it didn't exist until the stress of the 2009 recall during a recession put people on edge. Or maybe it's just venting by people who got laid off or didn't mesh well with the culture.

Or maybe it's because until now, people were nervous about violating the [entirely legal, I'm sure] social media muzzling clause in the terms of employment they were all made to sign upon joining the company:

Unauthorized personal views. During the term of your employment and for one year thereafter, regardless of the reason for termination, you agree not to post disparaging or defamatory statements about the Company, its owners, directors or its business interests. Furthermore, you agree to avoid social media communications that might be misconstrued in a way that could damage the Company's goodwill and business reputation, even indirectly.
Not sure what, if any, consequences are spelled out for former employees who decide not to abide by this bold attempt at message control.

But fortunately, to date, nothing at all has been misconstrued, and the only one doing anything potentially damaging to the Company's goodwill and business reputation has been Farzad Rastegar. So that's gotta be a load off.

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