March 1, 2012

Creative Playthings Ply Panel Van


The crazy thing about this rarely seen Creative Playthings truck/van is that I just saw one. A nearly identical but cleaner example just sold on ebay for $51 and change, shipped, and then not two days later, some feller puts this one up with "the only one in ebay." Which is barely true.


Anyway, this ply van is L18, W8 and H10.25, almost big enough to ride on. Should I show the red painted ply roof/lid that sits flush on top, with the crossbrace nestled into the notch in that rail? And the four solid wood pieces with the rounded edges? Or are these photos enough to help you go make your own? Because this one looks just a little beat. And you could do better than the fiberboard underside.


You know what, the other listing's photos are even a little clearer. Go grab'em, quick.




Antique wood Creative Playthings truck van, current bid, $19.25+12.99 s/h, auction ends Mar. 7 [ebay]

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