February 29, 2012

These Are Not The Star Wars Pancake Molds You Are Looking For.



Seriously? Is it a coincidence that Boing Boing points to the Williams-Sonoma Star Wars™ Vehicles Pancake Molds just days after Jason Geyer revealed another epic collection of horrible-but-failed Star Wars product licensing ideas?

Because I am really not seeing it. [Actually, the heads are not horrible, but it also feels like we've seen those last year or sometime. These vehicles, though, are so unpancakey, it's ridiculous. And getting those interior line things right is gonna be like having breakfast with Jar-Jar and little Annakin. Every. Time.

You want a Star Wars vehicle-shaped pancake? Here ya go, A 3-D AT-AT by Jim's Pancakes. BOOM.


You want another one? Fine. Death Star pancake. It's round. Like a normal freakin' pancake. BOOM.

Try selling a $20 mold for that, Lucas.

Star Wars Hero & Villains Pancake Molds, $19.95 but $48.99 at Amazon?? Chump. [williams-sonoma.com]
Star Wars Vehicles Pancake Molds, also $19.95 [w-s via boingboing]
AT-AT Walker Pancakes by Jim's Pancakes, whose site is not responding [craftzine]

1 Comment

I was going to leave this comment over on Boing Boing: We were given some of those pancake molds and they suck. Good luck trying to get the Millennium Falcon to turn out, forget about the x-wing.

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