February 29, 2012

Death Star Pancake


Alright these ridiculous Star Wars pancake molds caused such a massive disturbance in the pancake Force, I had to do something.

So I made some Death Star pancakes. Here's how:

1. Make pancake batter. I used Bisquik, because I'm not gonna open any of the various organic or whatever gift pancake mixes we've accumulated just for this project. Half the recipe on the box makes about 1.75 Death Star pancakes, which is, coincidentally, Level G Canon-accurate.

2. Lightly buttered skillet, medium heat.


3. Draw the things. That laser thing should be slightly off center and the band around the circumference could curve just a little bit for a perspectival effect. Try not to make your circumference band look too much like one of those giant fertility idols they trot out of a Japanese temple every Spring. Give it about 20 seconds.

4. Pour batter into the center so that it naturally flows over the two pieces, and makes a perfect circle that's just about the diameter of the circumference band you laid down.


5. Let that thing cook a bit, then flip it once like a normal pancake. It will miraculously, uh...

6. Thin your batter a little bit more. Turn up your heat a little bit. Remember that the first pancake always sucks, and so you might as well skip step 3 until you get to the second pancake and beyond.

7. Try again with the thinner batter
. The trick to pouring it into the center is to pour it from high enough that it concentrates into a single spot, which helps it expand evenly.

8. Close enough, you get the idea. If you want to be a freakin' Jedi about it, try that pancake-in-a-spray-can stuff, or put your batter in one of those ketchup bottles the pancake artists use. Send pictures.

Previously: These are not the Star Wars pancake molds you are looking for


I once, completely accidentally, made a pancake that was shaped like the Apple apple. http://tinyurl.com/75vwjw4

Wow, the failed attempt looks like Venus of Willendorf. That's gotta be worth something.

that's a very generous interpretation. I would also have accepted the under-construction Death Star from Return of the Jedi.

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