February 26, 2012

Rachel Hulin, 21st Century Hidden Mother


Thanks to Snorri, we can now see how photographer Rachel Hulin made her Flying Baby pictures: exactly as we thought she did, with a tripod and careful masking in Photoshop to erase her baby-holding self.

Which is interesting and nice.


But actually seeing the side by side of Hulin in the picture, and out of it, reminded me of a genre of 19th century tintype photos that folk art guru Joey calls "Hidden Mother." Because back in the day, in order to get a kid to sit still long enough, photographers would wrap the mom up in a drapery, and then sit the kid on Hidden Mother's invisible lap.

Over the years, he's gathered an oddly fascinating assortment on his blog, Anonymous Work.

Were you wondering how photographer Rachel Hulin made her baby fly? [timelightbox's tumblr via dt reader snorri]
Hidden Mother photos [anonymouswork]
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That is one freaky photo!

Think the baby looks as surprised as your web audience when mommy vanished! lol

there are quite a few photos on retronaut.co:

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