February 22, 2012

You Got A Better Explanation For This Kid-Sized Ferrari 330 P2?

Literally no one has commented, written, blogged, or tweeted about Maclaren's secret bankruptcy scheme to get out of a decade's worth of amputation lawsuits and business obligations, so whatever, here is a WTF kid-size Ferrari.

Apparently, in the 1960s, there used to be a publicity thing called the 24 minuits du Mans, in which kids raced kid-sized Le Mans cars around a track before the 24h race? This sounds insane to me, and I speak as someone who has helped put a race team into Le Mans in my day [long story involving all-female drivers, Japanese TV, and scumbag insurance agents.]

But this vintage kid-sized Ferrari 330 exists, so there you go.


24 Minutes of Le Mans Race Car [ferraricraft via dt reader and senior extravagant kid-sized car correspondent dt]


I remember when I was a kid, this was probably 1984 or so, there was a company in France who operated a grid full of 1/3 scale replica 80's F1 cars for underprivileged kids in France. I remember this because my dad offhandedly mentioned wanting to get one, and of course didn't.

Tell the Le Mans story!

Now I know what I want to ask you about if I ever meet you in person.

the story is true. i recently sold this car at auction. the company that built this car as well as a GT40, winged Group 7 Chaparell, dragster and a formula racer. The mans name who built the cars was Francis Mortarini. If you have or can get a copy of Automobile Quarterly, Volume 6 - Number 4, page 434 you can read about the cars, the man and the 24 minute race.
we are currently restoring another ferrari and have 2 gt40's waiting to be restored. in the past we have owned 2 other gt40's. great little car. our kids really enjoyed them some have sold for as much as $20,000 each.

i have 2 of the ferrari bodies bought back from Le mans by the nassamax mg team
they are in poor but restorable condition
£750 each
collect from oxfordshire
22 / 5 /2012

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