February 16, 2012



Well that was kind of fast. After poking around for a couple of months, last week, with the blog discussion still going on, I stumbled across a craigslist post of a very interesting-sounding Scion xB, a 2006 with barely 20,000 miles on it, which has spent most of its time parked in the garage of a Virginia engineering company. It was as close to unused as I'd seen, and it all checked out, and it was a pretty reasonable price, and so we just bought it this morning. It's kind of fun.

Even though "Dude! I just bought a five-year-old, totally stock Scion!" is probably the least exciting thing a Toyota dealer parts department cashier would hear all week, I was still on a Christmas morning high when I upgraded my floor mats. And considering what we still ended up spending to powerclean all the puke off the leather backseat of our MB, I think my next step is to wrap the cloth seats in a Wackenhut vinyl seat cover just like the one I used to stick to when I was a kid.

Thanks to everyone for all the comments, I hope I can get some advice on programming the undercarriage LED lightshow soon.


You ballin' now, dude. I think the rear seat PS3 will have to take precedence over lighting. Have you considered a Dukes-style Dixie horn?

bump that! as soon as I can get another shift at Banana, I'm gonna put three 15" LCD screens in the back seat, and one more in the hatch.

Actually, I'm amused at how surprised I am by the lack of cupholders, or anythingholders, really, in the back seat. I always thought that was just a European mfr problem.

Congrats! That's the exact color and model that we have. Enjoy!

Nice find.
Lack of rear seat cup holders. Flimsy flip out cup holders in the rear is one of the refinements they made in the current iteration of the xB while at the same time ruining most of what made your model special.

You say it has lots of trunk space, but what about AFTER you get the 14" subs and amplifiers in there?

Well, duh, bro, that's what the trunk space is for.

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