February 9, 2012

DT Thursday Trade Roundup: NickMom


From KidScreen, the go-to media resource for the juvenile entertainment content and licensing industry comes the phrase, "increasingly influential mom demographic":

In its efforts to offer content to an increasingly influential mom demographic, Nickelodeon has announced its development slate for its new prime-time television comedy block, NickMom (launching this fall), and convergent website NickMom.com, and picked up 26 episodes of new stand-up comedy series NickMom Night Out to launch in late 2012 in prime time on Nick Jr.
The programming block and website are being produced in conjunction with Mad Cow Productions, so this is apparently intended to be a chick version of Mad Cow's tent pole program, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Also, this already exists:
Also in support of NickMom, Johnson & Johnson, Target, General Mills and Reckitt Benckiser have inked brand integration, content development and sponsorship deals with Nickelodeon to sponsor NickMom and its mom-focused multi-platform destination NickMom.com, which debuted in November 2011 featuring video content, social media applications, blogs and editorial content, and will evolve this fall to include more content including gaming.
I was completely unaware of this development, not having a vagina myself.

But here's a humor and funny stuff anyway: there was a scandalously popular hookup site at BYU called NCMO, [non-committal makeout], which was pronounced Nick-Mo.

NickMom announces development slate, names SVP [kidscreen]
NickMom | Humor and Funny Stuff for Moms [nickmom.com]

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That's "Momvember" to you.

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