February 7, 2012

Beaded Baby Mayhem: Sacrifice By Liza Lou

Alright, now that we've covered 150,000 baby products in one fell swoop, where were we? Ah, kid-related contemporary art auction oddities.


You may know Liza Lou from such elaborately beaded sculptures as Kitchen, the life-size, 168-sq ft replica of a kitchen stuffed with details, all of which were covered in glass beads, placed by hand, with tweezers, by the artist herself, over five years, between 1991-6.

And ten years later, she had focused in a bit, just beading the hell out of this little baby sculpture. Who looks kind of Mayan painting, in a way? Maybe that's why it's called Sacrifice.

Feb 15, 2012, Lot 359: Liza Lou, Sacrifice, est. £45-55,000 [christies.com]
Check out Liza Lou's early story from this 1996 episode of This American Life [thisamericanlife.org]
Liza Lou's dealer in Europe is Thaddaeus Ropac, who I call ThRopac. You should too. [ropac.net]
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